About Us

Our Values:

  • Practice sensible and honest sales tactics
  • Ensure that our clients are well informed and treated with humility, integrity and respect
  • Always give back to the game of lacrosse
  • Have fun while striving to be the best

    How We Keep Green

  • We use energy saving light bulbs and fixtures in all of our retail locations
  • We recycle and/or reuse boxes to ship to our customers or between stores to save trees
  • We use energy saving appliances throughout our company
  • We reduce paper waste with the use of efficient electronic communication technologies

    How We Give Back To The Game

  • We encourage our employees to volunteer their time coaching youth and high school lacrosse in order to grow the game from the roots
  • We work directly with youth organizations in order to ensure quality and perfection on all levels of operation
  • We constantly search and work with non lacrosse hotbed areas in order to grow a game on a national scale

  • How We Strive For Corporate Responsibility

  • We work only with manufacturers that have a high level of honesty and integrity
  • We teach and practice admirable and honest sales tactics
  • We consider every possible factor and not just the bottom line
  • We strive to have our company be a safe and fun working environment for all of our employees

  • Sling It Lacrosse is committed to fueling our growth as a responsible, values-driven company. We aspire to have our employees make daily business decisions that take into account the impact on people, communities as well as the environment.

    The Slingman Legacy

    Tim "Slingman" Berger, a product of the Boys' Latin School in Baltimore, arrived on the Brown University campus in 1995, barely weighing 150lbs soaking wet and with a full head of Balti-Flow. For those of you who are new to the sport, Balti-Flow refers to the long hair that sticks out of the back of a lacrosse player's helmet. Popularized by the best of the best who played high school ball in Baltimore, the more Flow you had, meant the more style you had. In the game of lacrosse, you always need the skill to make it to the next level, but once you get there...it's all about style.

    As a freshman, Tim had all the stick skills and knowledge of the game that were necessary to excel at the highest level. What he lacked was the size and speed needed to compete day in and day out against the best players and teams in the country. Slow and skinny, Tim needed to add more substance to his style, and he found it on F.E.M.O (Fake Extra Man-Up Offense) otherwise known as the second string man up offense. As a member of F.E.M.O, Tim found himself rarely able to separate from the defense and when he did, trying to score on All-American Greg Cattrano was nearly impossible. One cold February afternoon while playing F.E.M.O., Tim made a hard move to his left and then in one fluid motion, he stepped back away from the goal, turned back to his right and in an underhand motion, slung the ball low to high around the defender's hip and into the top corner of the goal. Tim needed to put all 150lbs behind his shot and hide his stick as much as possible. The underhand motion not only provided Tim the power he needed but often made it difficult for the goalie to pick up the ball, especially when he wrapped his shot around a defender. Tim credits then Brown Defensive coordinator, Joe Breschi with coining the "Slingman" nickname. Tim Berger soon was able to score three consecutive times in a row with the same maneuver. Once teammates Lyle, Buttolph and company caught on and it simply became an understanding that Tim Berger would then and forever be known as Slingman.

    Sling It! Lacrosse History

    The Sling It! Lacrosse Company was started in 2003. Though still a fairly new company, Sling It! has enjoyed tremendous growth in a short period of time. We have grown from one store location in Mountain View, CA to now having store fronts throughout the Bay Area. We have emerged as one of the top lacrosse specific retailers on the west coast and have positioned ourselves as a role model in the industry with our positive company values and corporate responsibility. Everyday, our team works tirelessly to ensure the growth of lacrosse and that you, our loyal patron, have a pleasurable experience on and off the lacrosse field. With the continued growth of lacrosse worldwide, Sling It! Lacrosse has a positive outlook for the future of the lacrosse industry as well as the game of lacrosse!

    As of Dec '13 Source: laxpower.com